Getting out of the Google Sand Box .

Author Dalton Quigley November 10, 2012

How do I get out of Google Sand Box?

What is the Google Sand Box? In theory inside of SEO circles google has a probationary period in which new sites are put until they prove themselves. Here is a video explanation.


From this information in this video and other sources it appears making unique, relevant, timely content is one of the way to gain trust.

Things we know about who this affects:

* New Domains / Web Sites ( Under a year )

* Can be found in the Search Engine but way back for obviously relevant words.

* Words the site cares about are valuable words in Search.

How can I get out of the Sand Box?

* Generate new content and trust.

How do I generate new content and trust?

One factor is how long a visitor stays on your site and whether they found what they were looking for. If you have the Google tracking software on your site Google will watch and store the information from the visitors you are getting from other sources. If you have a local business and are linked to from other trusted local sources this gives Google an assurance that you are probably what you say.

From all sources your site will probably recover anyway over time since this is some sort of probationary period but it appears sites that make an effort to increase trust will recover faster.


Since getting listed in local directories takes time and effort ( manual effort ). Google places some trust in these sources, especially ones that need to be verified. Produce content that takes effort and is directly relevant to your subject and a value to your client. This takes thought and effort. Remember this is an effort to give visitors the best experience and that takes real thought and effort. Do some research about your client, why they chose you and what they didn't like. Sometimes an huge improvement can be made by taking away something in your site that is holding you back.

Content is anything that adds value to the user experience, an infographic, images, video, text content like articles, new pages with something interresting and of value keep your audience on your site and make your numbers look really good. You will get back where you belong it will just take effort and thought.

Idea 1. Don't give up.

Idea 2. You will get there.

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Author : Dalton November 10, 2012

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